Refresh Your Flower Beds

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Mulch can promote moisture retention and suppress weed growth, making it a great addition to any flower beds on your property. Triangle Custom Curbing in Raleigh, NC provides mulching services and can improve your lawn. We take the time to remove weeds and lay a weed barrier to help make maintenance as simple as possible.

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Laying your new mulch perfectly

If you'd like fresh mulch in your flower beds, trust our professionals to complete your project with care. For mulch installation services, we:

  • Clean and prep the plant bed, including the removal of weeds and debris
  • Lay a weed barrier fabric or geotextile to inhibit weed growth
  • Apply the chosen mulch evenly and thoroughly
Our mulching services also include a final inspection to ensure every part of the bed is covered evenly. Speak with our owner today to learn more about your options.

Explore the benefits of mulch

Everyone wants a lush, healthy lawn with vibrant plants. But without proper nutrients, plant life can become dry and brown. If you want to protect your plants from drying out or dying, it might be time to schedule mulch installation services. Our mulching services are available in and around Raleigh, NC.

There are several benefits to mulching areas of your property, especially flower beds. Mulch can:

  • Help your plants stay hydrated
  • Increase air movement in the soil
  • Provide nutrients to your plants

Ensure your plants stay hydrated and healthy. Contact us today to schedule mulching services.