Turn Your Flower Bed Into an Even More Beautiful Feature

Install decorative concrete curbing on your property in Raleigh, NC

Installing curbing around your flower beds may sound like a DIY job, but once you consider framing for pouring concrete, leveling work and more, you may find that turning to a professional is the best option. Triangle Custom Curbing in Raleigh, NC installs decorative concrete curbing that's customizable to your needs. We pour continuous pieces that are shaped to look like individual blocks, creating durable edging for your property.

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The benefits of our custom curbing

Custom curbing brings a bed to life and benefits everything growing in it. A beautiful piece of decorative curbing can:

  • Help prevent the spread of weeds
  • Retain soil and mulch in your flower bed
  • Create a stylish edge that enhances your property
With our decorative concrete curbing, you can choose from a variety of color pigments and stains to customize your property. Speak to our owner today about customizing your curbing.